Rio Grande Hearing Center

Rio Grande Hearing Center

Comprehensive Evaluation of Central Audition

Audiologic Evaluation

Pure tone air and bone conduction

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fitting

Speech audiometry

Site of lesion testing

Middle ear assessment (Tympanometry)

Acoustic reflex testing

Otoacoustic Emissions

Central Auditory Evaluation

For children (and adults) with difficulty in school that appears to be listening or attention related. There may be reading and writing problems that are related to Central Auditory deficits or sensory cueing deficits.

For adults and children for neuro-audiologic site-of-lesion determination and evaluation of function.

Electrophysiologic Evaluation

For hearing sensitivity and neuro-audiologic site of lesion determination.

Brainstem Response

Middle-Latency Response

Late Response

P300 Responses



Smooth Pursuit/Tracking

Spontaneous/ Gaze



Caloric Testing

Vestibular Autorotational Tests


  • Robert G. Ivey, Ph.D., CCC-A, FAAA
  • Audiologist


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  • Rio Grande Hearing Center
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